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A personal training team on a whole different level

Ultimate Performance trainers are different from what you’ve probably been used to. In an industry full of glorified ‘gym babysitters’ and ‘rent-a-friend’ trainers trading time for money, we stand apart.

Yes, we aim for our team to tick all the usual boxes, that any high-end gym should claim to tick. But we demand more. And we deliver results that nobody else can because of it.

Cutting-edge education and research

When it comes to proving our cerebral skills, our personal trainers have the appropriate certifications. But the size and scale of Ultimate Performance means we have a dedicated, full-time internal Education team whose only job is to work on keeping our team up to date with all the latest research and thinking.

We are the only personal training company in the world working on collaborative research projects with the likes of Cambridge University, or funding our own ground-breaking research in partnership with the University of California.

These are relevant things for any potential client, or indeed trainer, to consider when looking at Ultimate Performance, but they are not our ‘secret sauce’

A rigorous selection process

We have the best results producing machine in the world. No one in the fitness industry disputes this fact. It speaks volumes that we are the only global personal training business in the world.

We have trained princes of the realm, Hollywood royalty, sports stars, and the billionaire owners of some of the most well recognised companies in the world. So, you would think that at this point we’d tell you that we only hire the best and most accomplished trainers. You would be wrong.

Becoming a trainer at Ultimate Performance is a tremendously difficult task. It far outstrips the recruitment process in any other gym globally. But it doesn’t mean that we recruit ‘finished products’.

We only hire on average about 1 in 100 job applicants. We put them through online exams, written case studies, several rounds of interviews, an assessed gym floor practical, and finally we take rigorous references conducted via phone call. We select for very specific characteristics

Experience truly world-class personal training

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Where ambition meets attitude

Yes, we judiciously recruit the highest calibre candidates from across the globe. But we seek more than just ability – what we are really looking for is raw potential. ‘Attitude over aptitude.’

We want trainers who want to build long-term careers. We look for people who have no issues with taking constructive criticism on the chin. We prioritise those ambitious candidates who actively seek to be part of a team contrary to the industry orthodoxy of ‘lone wolves’ flying solo.

Of course, we want some of the qualities that always set a great trainer apart, such as walking their talk, evidence of a lifelong love affair with exercise, and the kind of personality that takes a client’s results personally. But this alone isn’t enough

A culture built on excellence

Our trainers excel when they embrace fitting into a system and culture we have built at Ultimate Performance that is unique in the fitness industry.

Our trainers don’t have sessions targets. They don’t do sales or marketing. The singular goal of our trainers is to master their craft. They are incentivised solely on the one metric that matters – delivering results and real return on investment for you the client.

They do this by working within an ecosystem that keeps them accountable and leaves nowhere to hide.

Accountability that breeds success

Working with a trainer in almost all traditional gym settings is an extremely arbitrary process. What happens when things go awry? Pretty much nothing. There is certainly no monitoring of outcomes or weekly performance checks.

At Ultimate Performance, our trainers are held accountable at every level for ensuring you achieve exceptional results. We monitor everything. Nothing is left to chance.

We know when our trainers go above and beyond for their clients, and we reward them when we are presented with the evidence. Conversely, we know fast when a trainer isn’t delivering and this allows us to take immediate action to course correct.

Results powered by technology

Elite personal training is an incredibly labour-intensive, people-management job – done correctly, it means that we are effectively managing people (our trainers) to help them manage people (our clients).

Our technology gives us the edge in this sphere. Everything that we do is tracked. It’s not just your workouts and your diet, should you choose to want to track that. We record every metric of progress and performance for trainers and clients in our own app.

It’s not just a white-label platform from some remote tech developer. It is an app we have created ourselves with an in-house technology team of 30 engineers.

It systemises accountability. It leverages our research and data to enhance our methods. But most of all it gives our trainers a tool to excel and demonstrate tangible results and return on investment for clients with consistency across the globe.

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No matter what your goal, our trainers can help you achieve the outcomes you are looking for.

Whether you want to build muscle, lose fat or lay the foundations for lifelong health, our methods are proven to deliver real results.




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