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Welcome to Transform

On this page, you’ll find information guiding you through the app and showing you how to get the most from your experience.

Invite & Onboarding

Upon starting your programme, you’ll be invited via email to start using Transform to help you maximise your training and results.

Downloading the app

When you join Ultimate Performance, you’ll receive an email inviting you to download our app from either the App Store or Google Play Store.

Once you have downloaded it, login using the temporary password in your invite email.

Creating your profile

You have arrived at the onboarding stage.

Make sure to add a picture to your profile, it will help your trainer.

If you have compatible devices, such as Bluetooth scales, or fitness watches, you can automatically push your weight and sleep information into the app and if you authorise Apple HealthKit or Google Fit, your steps will automatically be added each day

Then check and amend any details including your height, weight, measurements and dietary preferences.

Finally set a secure password, and you are ready to go.

Meal Plan

Immediately following your first session, your trainer will prepare a comprehensive meal plan, tailored specifically to you.

Your weekly and daily nutrition targets

In the first section, you’ll see your weekly and daily nutrition targets with a macro breakdown, an extensive shopping list of foods for you to choose from, as well as initial advice on modifying your diet, meal frequency and fluid intake.

Your nutrition support guide

You’ll also get a support guide explaining all the terms used, healthy habits to follow, assistance for when you are dining out, meal preparation help and guidance on creating your own recipes.

Diary Overview

Your diary is where you will spend most of your time, entering information each day to track your food intake, sleep, steps and much more.

Settings and preferences

In the settings section, you’ll find all your account details and preferences including:

  • Avatar, first name, last name, date of birth, height, biological sex and other preferences
  • Imperial or metric measurements and weight preferences (lbs, kg, stones)
  • Diet types such as vegan – which will impact foods that your trainer recommends to you
  • Allergies
  • Pin lock – set additional security measures to protect your account, including fingerprint scanning and Face ID
  • The ability to Report Bugs

Tracking against your daily food targets

Once your trainer has completed your nutrition plan, your daily goals will populate at the very top of your diary, displaying your required calories, protein, carbohydrates and fats for the day.

Logging your daily activity and other metrics

You should track your weight each day, and the time you took the measurement – this is important for you and your trainer to chart your progress.

You can also track your sleep, wake-up mood, steps and water intake in this section.

If you have compatible devices, such as Bluetooth scales, or fitness watches, you can automatically push your weight and sleep information into the app and if you authorise Apple HealthKit or Google Fit, your steps will automatically be added each day.

Reporting issues and journalling

This is where you would keep track of any issues that have affected you that day, for instance digestion issues, cravings, hunger, energy, stress and menstrual cycle, where appropriate.

There is a notes/extra activity section here that you can use as a journal to record information related to your diet, health or workouts.

Food Entry

Logging your food intake accurately is very important to your transformation and so we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible to log what you’re eating.

Recent foods, food tables and EatUP meal preparation entry

Food entry is arguably the most important part of the app for ensuring success. We’ve given you multiple ways to add your food including:

  • Swiping right to quickly add yesterday’s meals
  • A recently eaten foods list with a one click ability to add to your diary
  • An extensive selection of lean proteins, fatty proteins, carbohydrates, fats and all globally available EatUP meals, from our in-house meal preparation service

Barcode lookups

You can add foods via their barcode, we currently use a database of over 850,000 verified foods, something that is very important to us to ensure accuracy.

If your barcode is in our database, it only takes a few clicks to add it.

If your barcode isn’t in our current database, you can add it for yourself immediately whilst also submitting it for approval by our verification team, to then be made available for the whole community.

Create a meal and other food entry methods

Food can be added using back of the packet values in this area and complex multi-item meals can be created and saved to your recent foods list for speedy adding in the future.

For those too busy to enter their food values in any other way, but that need guidance from their trainer to keep them on track, we also support taking pictures of food so you and your trainer have a visible guide to portions and portion control.


Supplements can be beneficial to support your training and health so your trainer may provide you with tailored recommendations for supplements which will help you meet your goals.

These recommendations will appear in your diary. By default, they will be shown in the supplements section, but in order to make things as easy and clear as possible, if the supplement is to be taken alongside one of your meals, it will be displayed alongside that meal in your diary.


An exciting part of Transform, showing your progress over time in weight, nutrition, activity, skinfold measurements, body composition and of course, progress photos.

Your body progress metrics

Track weight, body fat % and lean body mass progress across a week, month, year or custom date range based on measurements entered by you and your trainer.

As an Ultimate Performance in-gym client, we regularly collect skinfold measurements for 16 bodily sites, and as such, you can track changes within individual sites, or multiple sites charted against each other.

Circumferences or girths are also tracked, allowing you to see your progress across 7 areas of the body.

Using these measurements, our proprietary tool highlights possible areas of interest for your trainer around inflammation, insulin resistance, stress and other potential areas worth focusing upon.

Nutrition progress – calories and macros

Calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat intake can all be monitored, over any time period, with graphs showing progress against your targets and average intake.

Tracking progress of steps, sleep and mood

See graphics charting your daily steps and sleep duration, alongside set targets and averages over any time period. Wake-up mood can also be charted here, either alone or overlaid with your sleep for further insight.

Progress photos

A repository of all of the progress photos taken during your time with us. Use the compare feature to see any progress photos for any date side-by-side, viewing the front, side with arm up, side with arm down, or back view photos for comparison.

The overlay feature makes progress comparison particularly easy, providing a swipeable interface showing exactly how far you have come.


Find all of the programs, sessions and strength progress information for your training in this section.


In the training section, you can see all the programs that your trainer has designed for you.

You can see each individual session within your program, as well as when the session was last completed together with all the repetitions and sets from your workout plan.


The sessions section will show you a list of all your completed sessions.

You can review each exercise within that session as well as the total weight lifted and see information on:

  • Settings
  • Repetitions
  • Sets
  • Tempo
  • Rest

Strength progress

In the progress area, you can see your progress for each exercise you have completed.

The volume chart shows you a graph of your volume lifted over time.

Max Load shows you a graph of your personal best over any time period, at each rep range.


Keep in touch with your trainer, gym manager and client care from inside Transform, so that no burning question goes unanswered.


Messaging features include adding photos, short videos, files and emoji reactions, so make sure to keep in close contact with your U.P. Team.


If at any point you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can do so by sending an email to [email protected], or you can reach out directly to your Gym Manager.


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