In 12 weeks, Nathan has built a body he never thought possible after suffering serious injury in a motorbike accident five years ago.


The crash left him with severe nerve damage in his arm and meant he was unable to use his right hand, forcing him to have to relearn everything from writing to tying his shoelaces.

Nathan, who is a design coordinator at a landscaping firm, struggled to train properly and achieve the results he wanted in the gym.

He was ready to give up on fitness before he came to Ultimate Performance Manchester in a last-ditch effort to see if a world-class personal trainer could finally help him achieve his goals.

Twelve weeks later and Nathan has made a phenomenal transformation with hard work and determination to overcome the limitations with his right arm.


“It feels good to be lean in 12 weeks. I didn’t think I’d be able to make such a difference  and such a transformation in such a short time.

“Obviously, I’ve seen the transformations on U.P.’s website, but you think that’s someone else – a supreme being.

“To be able to do the 12 weeks and come out looking pretty good, is impressive.”

Nathan lost 9kg, halved his body fat to a lean 12% and, most pleasingly, he built up strength in his right arm.

It shows that injury doesn’t have to be an impediment to exceptional results with the help of an elite trainer and a structured and intelligent personal training plan.

Nathan explains how much his life changed following the motorbike accident and the injuries he suffered.

“One of the major injuries was to my right arm – severe nerve damage which left me with muscle fatigue in the arm and nerve damage in the hand, so I can’t fully grip anything.

“It was a big step backwards. I had to relearn things. I was right handed, now I am obviously left handed.

“I needed to relearn how to write and simple things like tying a shoelace.”

Nathan was relatively fit and healthy before the accident. It was a huge setback that held back his progress for years.

“I was training a little bit before the accident, but that was more cardio than strength training. Overall, I was pretty healthy.

“But the accident affected a lot of things. It took me a long time to get back to a healthy standard. That took a couple of years and I was in and out of hospital for various reasons and different operations.”

Nathan tried to work around it in the gym, but he didn’t have the expertise to be able to adapt a training program around his injured arm.

Nathan working on strengthening his right arm with his UP trainer

“I did attempt to try and change things, but it was more the experience and the knowledge I needed really.

“Physically and mentally, in terms of the right arm, I was almost at a stage where I was giving up.

“The U.P. training was almost like a Hail Mary last attempt to get something good out of training to do my right arm. I personally think it has worked wonders.”

Nathan’s trainer created a tailored training plan that would help him incorporate his right arm into the training plan.

“My goals and motivation were improving my right arm. I wanted to basically see what I could do and what I could get out of it with proper personal training.”

It was a constant process of evaluation and evolution to ensure that Nathan was getting the maximum benefit out of every exercise.

“Steve, my personal trainer, was very good. Any exercises we couldn’t do, we would find an alteration or variation of it.

“Constantly we would always tweak things to make the exercise better.

“Having the trainer constantly there, constantly adapting exercises was a great help. We would try different exercises and if it didn’t work, we would alter it slightly, which was down to the trainer’s knowledge.”

It made a huge difference to his right arm and helped him get leaner and stronger then he’d ever been.

“Over the last 12 weeks, there have been big improvements to my right arm, you might not be able to tell, but I can physically tell.

“Within 12 weeks of weight training and including the right arm into the workouts, I can now bust out a few press-ups no problem. That is a noticeable strength increase.

“I can really tell that it’s been a big change.

“It has opened my eyes that there’s no need to neglect the right side of my upper body anymore.




I’m now able to incorporate it into day-to-day training, which is fantastic.”

The speed of his transformation and how much he’s been able to achieve training three times a week has blown Nathan away.

“I didn’t know what to expect with the results. There are hundreds of personal trainers out there – the fitness industry is a minefield. So to be able to come in and pretty quickly realise that I’m in the right place, was good.

“Three months is not a long time to be able to achieve what I’ve achieved in that time. It’s a good feeling.”

As well as getting incredible physical results, Nathan has really relished in the education side, and learning about the right nutrition and understanding how hard he can really push himself.

“You don’t realise, but I think the majority of people just don’t train hard enough.

“Until I came here, I thought I trained hard. I was wrong!

“I don’t think I’ve worked this hard for anything in my life. It’s given me a good understanding of how much you can truly accomplish and how much you can truly push yourself to achieve certain goals.”


Ditch the excuses and take the first step to achieving your health and fitness goals today with U.P.


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  • Oftentimes the lower your starting point (poor fitness, terrible body composition) the better your results.
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