Alan has packed on lean muscle after weight training for the first time ever.

Before, he was a keen distance runner, but had no clue about nutrition and followed a ‘YOLO’ diet where he would eat anything and everything.

He didn’t expect to achieve much when he first came to Ultimate Performance Singapore.

But in six weeks Alan surpassed anything he thought possible for himself and forged a lean and muscular physique.


“My body fat dropped from 15% to 10% and my body weight maintained at about the same level.

“I am definitely lifting heavier weights, hence the muscle gain and defined abs.

“I like the results of the transformation.”

It was a work colleague’s impressive before and after results at U.P. that inspired Alan to start a transformation himself.


He considered himself fit, doing long-distance running and playing badminton, but strength training and the gym were alien concepts to him.

So, he had low expectations of what he could achieve when he started his transformation.

“I have never lifted weights before in my entire life, so I wasn’t expecting much for myself.

“I’ve never considered myself to be strong.

“I have good stamina, some degree of mental toughness, but I never considered myself to be strong.”

Alan didn’t want to spend endless hours in the gym to achieve his transformation, so U.P.’s time-efficient training methods which are designed to get ‘maximum results in minimum time’ really worked for him.

“U.P. has certainly kept the training intensity high. The nice thing about that is the higher the intensity, the shorter the training duration can be.

“This is good for me because I don’t really want to live in the gym.

“U.P.’s training is quite spot on and makes things easy to manage.”


Alan’s diet was a barrier to achieving the body he wanted before.

“I followed a ‘YOLO’ diet – I’d eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.”

Alan’s knowledge of nutrition and his relationship with food was one of the the big changes he made when he began working with his trainer at U.P.

Going from eating anything he wanted, to being able to understand the exact foods he needed to transform his body was a game-changer.

It instantly had an effect on his energy levels and the way he felt.

“My energy levels became noticeably higher than before.

“I haven’t had a single after-lunch ‘food coma’ since training at U.P., and my sleep at night has become a lot more refreshing.”

The word ‘diet’ was always strike fear into people’s hearts.


But with U.P. it’s about understanding a few basic nutrition rules and lifestyle changes that help guide better choices around eating.

Alan now enjoys his new way of life with the food he eats.

“I never thought I’d say this, but I like the diet.

“I’m not saying that I won’t be allowed to drink beer or eat burgers for the rest of my life.

“But I like the diet in the sense that it made me more conscious of the nutritional value of the food I eat.

“It made me cut the milk and sugar out of my coffee, and made me realise there’s actually a lot of really good-tasting, healthy food in the CBD area where I work.”

Alan taken a wealth of knowledge from his time at U.P., including learning just how crucial nutrition is to making a successful body transformation.

“It’s 80% diet and 20% training. Eating the right foods really made a huge difference to my physique.”

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