You cannot put a price on feeling your very best on your wedding day. 

Hui wanted to feel fit, fabulous and filled with confidence when she walked down the aisle too. 

Although 32-year-old bride-to-be exercised regularly and wasn’t in bad shape, she really wanted to be at her best for her big day.  

So, six months before the wedding, she came through the doors at Ultimate Performance with her fiancé to start their preparations in plenty of time. 

Now Hui has lost 7kg (15lbs), completely reshaped her body and has the knock-out figure she wanted to feel flawless in her dress. 

“Given the lockdown and the Covid-19 restrictions, we weren’t able to measure my exact body fat, but in general I went from always hovering around the 54-55kg (119-121lbs) mark to under 48kg (105lbs).  

“Visually, the transformation was drastic! Before U.P. I would have never looked in the mirror and thought of myself as overweight, but now when I see my old pictures, I am like ‘wow, I was actually holding a fair bit of extra weight!’” 

Hui chose to partner with the professionals at Ultimate Performance after learning about the service from a friend who had completed a stunning transformation for her own wedding. 

Her results were so memorable that Hui didn’t hesitate to sign up to do the same alongside her husband-to-be. 

She wasn’t technically overweight and was in general quite careful about getting some exercise and eating healthily. 

However, U.P. amped up her diet and training to get her the muscle definition and leanness that she was looking for. 

“My wedding was the main motivator to get me started with U.P. I wanted to get as slim as possible for my wedding, but apart from that I also wanted to test myself to see how lean I could get. 

Hui had always looked after her body and wasn’t new to fitness, but coming to U.P. was an eye-opening education on training and nutrition. 

Around 4-5 years before U.P., I started getting into working out; mainly spinning and cardio.  

On the eating front, I really enjoyed food, but I wasn’t too bad – not a lot of junk food, not a lot of sugar, and I didn’t indulge too much in fatty food.  

However, in hindsight, now that I have learnt more about nutrition, I can say that I was definitely eating a lot of carbs and very little protein. Also, I have now realised that for someone of my size and frame, my portions were too large. 

“A U.P., I started noticing results very quickly – within the first 2-3 weeks. In fact, at the first check-in, my figure had changed quite dramatically because of the training and diet. 

Having always been a cardio fanatic, she quickly saw the power of weight training and the effect it was having on her body.    

“Before U.P., I associated resistance training with big, bulky bodybuilders. I had never done strength training before U.P.; all I ever did was cardio.  

So while it was completely new to me, I found the weight training very professional. I felt I was in the best hands I could possibly be in. I felt safe and knew that I was doing it right. 

“I have seen huge changes everywhere on my body but most particularly on my chest and upper body. I never had much muscle on my upper body at all, and now there is proper muscle definition there.” 

“Physically, I have completely changed my form and frame. I have gone from being curvy and having a little bit of extra fat on me to having a much leaner frame which I never thought I would ever have.” 

The changes weren’t just skin deep; Hui also took away some other valuable teachings from U.P.’s programme. 

“The most powerful lessons I have learnt is that cardio isn’t everything; to get strong, you have to do strength training.  

I think the overall knowledge of nutrition is my biggest gain. I have learnt so much about what I am eating, what the nutritional content is, and how to keep and maintain limits.  

Most importantly, I have learnt how to make trade-offs and clever choices to hit my goals.” 

“It was a tough process, and I proved to myself that I could do it. So it’s good to have at the back of my mind that if I ever want to switch it on and do I again and get lean again – I can do it. It’s not like before when I looked at pictures and thought ‘Oh! That’s not for real people!’ –  Now I know that it’s possible and that I can do that.” 



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