Most people think if you want to lose fat then running is the best way to do it.

But endurance runner Sue has discovered that weight training is the real secret to optimum fat loss and body composition after making a stunning transformation with UP.

Busy working mum-of-three Sue had always been a competitive runner but her performances had gone stale and she found she could no longer control her body weight.

But after just 14 weeks of weight training with UP and she’s not only in the best physical shape of her life, but her running times have also dramatically improved.

She lost around 4kg in weight and cut her body fat by around a quarter down to a svelte 14.8% over the course of her transformation.


“When you start to see your body change it becomes a huge motivating factor in your life. This is my body and I am in now control of my own destiny, and there are no limits to what I want to achieve.

“I have ended up falling in love with the process/journey itself; it’s amazing to see how your body is changing, age is but a number to me now, there will be no excuses, and I never leave anything behind.”

Before Sue came to UP she was in the mindset that endurance runners didn’t need to train with weights.

But with her running performance slipping and her weight increasing, Sue decided to start a transformation with UP.

“My running had plateaued and my weight had begun to increase, I needed to be able to kick-start the fire and passion that I had felt in earlier years for my running.

“Eighteen months of previous personal trainers had shown me that I was incapable of controlling my weight by running alone and having previously looked at and dismissed UP several times, I decided that I would give it a go to see what the hype was about; after all, I just wanted to get a little leaner!”


From Day 1, Sue says her UP personal trainer Chris helped support her through the process, educate her on training and nutrition, and challenge her to push her limits in the gym to get the results she wanted.

“My trainer has been totally committed to me alongside the process, uttered words of reassurance, pushed me beyond where I thought I could go and definitely outside of my comfort zone.

“His support and advice have been invaluable, picking me up on those bad days and encouraging and committed to the process on the good days,  but importantly always managing to get a smile at the end!

“I put my trust totally in Chris and followed his advice to the letter about nutrition,  pushing harder with more focus after each and every session knowing that I had made this commitment to myself I was now in competition with my body and my goals were being met on both a physical and mental level.”


Sue says as she hit each goal or milestone on her journey, she would set new and bigger goals to achieve.

Her trainer continually tweaked her programme and modified exercises to keep her progressing and reduce pressure on old injuries to keep her performing optimally and injury free.

But one of the most profound changes has been the diet and nutrition for Sue.

“The key message that I have learnt from working with Chris is that you cannot out-train a bad diet no matter how hard, often or long you train. But if you are persistent and consistent in your approach you will get there no matter what.”

After 14 weeks, Sue’s results have been nothing short of incredible, helping her become leaner, stronger and fitter than ever.

But there’s always more to a UP transformation than simply the ‘before’ and ‘after’ results.

Sue says: “My transformation journey has been more than a physical one, it has improved my mental focus, and I can more easily deal with the stresses of day to day work and family life.

“I am now even more determined to reach my athletic goals and certainly not afraid of hard work and graft.

“I am very focussed, and my mindset has definitely improved, the training in the gym together with the improvement in my running convinced me that I wanted to continue and improve on each and every session.”

The results Sue has achieved in such a short space of time have been life-changing.

Before Sue thought that age was precluding her from achieving the fitness and figure she wanted.

But after her journey with UP, she now knows anything is possible.

“Having reached and exceeded my max target running weight and a damn sight leaner than I ever imagined, my confidence is sky high.

“I am smashing my best times each, and every time I run, my attitude to strength and resistance training has grown immeasurably. I am just as committed but now have the knowledge and determination to succeed to continue moving upwards to the next level and I am always ready to go that extra mile to now hit and exceed my goals.

“When I started I felt that I had been on a plateau and thought it was just down to age but I now know with age there are no barriers and I will now continue this journey to wherever it may lead me.”

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