A hectic work schedule, involving global travel for work, had left 43-year-old Eelco too busy to achieve the body of his dreams.

Even a dietician and a previous personal trainer couldn’t get him to the level he aspired to, meaning his fitness progress plateaued.

After sustaining knee and shoulder injuries on a cycling holiday, added onto two lower-back hernias, Eelco felt he couldn’t train to his full potential.

Since joining Ultimate Performance, he has learned that he is a lot stronger than he ever originally thought, while obtaining a lean, muscular body in just 10 weeks.

“We did our photoshoot in May (the transformation was completed in June) and I already looked like Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

“I really like the way I look. I’m lean and I gained some muscle. Overall, my body looks amazing.”

Prior to starting at U.P., Eelco was frustrated with previous personal trainers not pushing him far enough.

With several injuries and poor mobility to think of, it was essential that the right kind of care and expertise was provided, leaving him feeling cautious about working out in general.

Furthermore, Eelco was saddled with an unpredictable work schedule, leaving him concerned that no program would be able to fit around him.

“I’d started working out about a year ago. I went to a dietician and a personal trainer. It worked for a while, but I eventually plateaued and didn’t improve very much.

“Two years ago, I got a second back hernia. I was lacking some confidence in working out.

“At 43, I wanted to see how I could transform my body. I wasn’t a big guy, and I was eating healthily, but I wanted to see how far I could push it. See what was possible.”

After embarking on his U.P. journey, Eelco’s transformation was tailored around his goals and his lifestyle.

A lover of the great outdoors, it was essential to Eelco to complete a portion of his training outside. Thanks to the adaptability of the U.P. trainers, Eelco’s wants were catered for.

“Most of my transformation has been done outside, which is what I wanted. I wanted to learn to do the techniques in an outdoor environment.

“My friend (who did a U.P. transformation) had very irregular schedules like me. We work all over the world, but he was very satisfied with the results and looked really good.”

One of the most important aspects for Eelco was having a trainer that understood the nature of his injuries, from his two lower-back hernias to his shoulder and knee issues.

Very quickly, Eelco came to realise that his trainer was well-versed with how to train people with special requirements. He never pushed him harder than he was capable of and always put his health and wellbeing at the forefront of sessions.

“My trainer watched how I moved during the workouts and knew how much I could take. We took a break whenever we needed to.

“I think one of the reasons I didn’t get injured was because I was stronger than I thought I was. I was able to handle more than I thought.

“If there was an exercise that could potentially injure my back, my trainer was telling me to squeeze my abs or to contract my glutes. I was doing everything correctly and my trainer safeguarded that.”

After waving goodbye to these kinds of worries, Eelco began to throw himself into his personalised diet plan.

Despite always making an effort with the way he ate, Eelco was astounded to realise just how much of his transformation was achieved through eating correctly.

“If people asked me about the program, I’d tell them we worked out about three hours a week, along with being busy meal-prepping and getting my nutrition plan together. I couldn’t have done it without knowing my PT was going to be there to guide me.

“If the journey didn’t involve workouts and only included a nutrition plan, I would have still got serious results. I think I’d still have got 80% of the results I have right now. The lifestyle aspects of the program are very significant.”

Since his transformation, Eelco has noted a significant improvement in his general strength. Along with his newly sculpted physique, being able to feel strong and confident has been one of the main takeaways.

“Something that really stuck out for me was gaining strength. I really got stronger in my arms, chest and overall.”

After undertaking the program, Eelco is aware of what he is truly capable of, no longer allowing his injuries to hold him back from achieving exactly what he wants.

Fitting effortlessly into his lifestyle, the transformation was able to strip away levels of fear and hesitance that had built up over the years.

“I could not have achieved my goal without all of the above. The constant support and the constant communication with my trainer played an incredible role in the whole transformation. The whole U.P. journey has been an amazing experience!”



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