Before joining Ultimate Performance, Dorian was dealing with the heartbreak of a messy divorce.

With kids to take care of, combined with feeling incredibly low, he began to neglect his health. As a self-confessed junk-food lover, Dorian found himself in a painful cycle of eating sugary snacks and doing intense workouts to make up for them.

With excruciating migraines plaguing him after every exercise session, Dorian realised he was at his lowest point, turning to U.P. to pull him out of his slump. Now, he’s hungrier than ever to achieve even greater fitness goals.

“I’m actually getting close to being the weight I was in high school. That’s pretty rad.”

As somebody that had always been comfortable in his own skin, suddenly lacking self-esteem and confidence hit Dorian hard.

“Mentally I was in a bad place, I was going through a divorce, I had a lot of emotional stress going on.

“With clothes, I’m a skinny dude, so nobody really knew. But then my uncle patted my tummy and said ‘what is this!’ And I said ‘I don’t know, I guess I like a lot of beer!’

“I’ve always had a skinny-fat vibe.”

Concealing his body in baggy clothes, Dorian explained that nobody knew the extent of his hang-ups. Hailed as a ‘skinny guy’, Dorian continued to take solace in pizzas and hamburgers, until he could no longer deny the effect it was having on his body. With his routine spiralling out of control due to his divorce, Dorian continued to excessively turn to beer and treats.

“I like a lot of goodies, like cookies and pie.”

After comments from his family and friends began to increase, Dorian realised that enough was enough. Needing a self-esteem boost after his recent emotional blows, he decided that the best way to bounce back would be to do a full-body transformation.

“I realised that what motivated me was just wanting to look good.

“I wanted to see the transformation that U.P. takes pride in as a company.

“U.P. was the first place to show me photos and say, ‘if you do this, you’ll look like this.’”

Despite being excited to see how much he could achieve with the world’s leading personal trainers, Dorian was apprehensive.

A painful history of migraines and backache haunted him after every workout, leaving him worried that intense training sessions would end the same way.

But what Dorian found that as he became more comfortable with training and he cleaned up his diet, the migraines that had plagued him for years began to dwindle and disappear.

“I used to get migraines after workouts, especially leg exercises, and they’d really put me out for a couple of hours. I needed total darkness and painkillers.

“I had to really plan my workouts, so they didn’t interfere with my life.

“When I first started U.P., I still got the migraines, but then I started to push myself past them and breathe to get through.

“I started to realise ‘oh, I didn’t get a headache this time!’ I haven’t had one in a couple of months.”

When it came to cooking healthy meals from scratch, Dorian admitted that his passions lay elsewhere. Armed with the goal of simply looking his best, he didn’t realise just how drastically the U.P. transformation would alter every aspect of his life.

“If I’m working out, I know I can go hard. I can be more physical and not have to worry.

“I wasn’t even interested in health and fitness before training, but now I am.”

After discovering that a healthy, balanced diet was just as important as exercise, the pizzas and sweets became less and less appetising.

With his trainer pushing him to his limits every session, Dorian was able to see just how capable he was.

His progress in the gym was unstoppable with his trainer helping him increase the weights he was lifting and turbocharge his results.

“If they see you handle something well, they’ll add more weight. There’s more of a sense of urgency to get you to where you want to go.”

Since Dorian’s 16-week transformation, his life has reshaped for the better. With a background in recruitment, he explained that being fit and healthy was always more appealing to an employer, allowing him to feel confident about his job-finding prospects.

“I feel like this will help me find a job. Being in shape is always better, because if it looks like you take care of yourself, people will know you can handle responsibility.”

“As well as work opportunities, family life has also improved. Being a busy father meant that being as active as possible was essential for playtime with his children.

“My ability to run around with my kids has improved.”

Dorian has even summoned the confidence to join the world of online dating (to an extent). His workouts at U.P. have allowed him to rediscover his drive and passion for life, which can only get better as he strives towards further fitness milestones.

“I’ve got all the dating apps, but if it’s between an evening spent with my kids or watching Captain America, I know which ones I’m choosing.”



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