Alex and Gavin Walker Transformation

Three hours a week is all you need to transformation your body.

Brothers Alex and Gavin are proof of what can be achieved with as little as three weekly training sessions.

The twins work long, stressful hours betting in-play on live football matches across the world and never thought they had time to train or eat healthily.

But eking out a couple of hours in their weekly schedule to work out together with their Ultimate Performance personal trainer paid dividends.

After just six weeks, the 25-year-old pair built the lean and muscular physiques they’d always thought was out of reach.

“We both look much better, feel healthier and fitter,” says Alex. “We’ve also stuck to the routine pretty well since finishing the diet, so generally just feel much fresher.”

“Another benefit of doing the transformation is we now know what we have to do to lose body fat in the future if we need to by going back to the diet plan and exercise routines.”

Before coming to UP, the brother admit they had become very inactive, work had taken over, and healthy food made way for meals and drinks out.

“We’d slipped into a bit of a lazy routine where we weren’t doing much exercise and the diet wasn’t great, so I was hoping to transform that a little bit,” explains Alex.

“I wanted to challenge myself and get into better physical condition,” Gavin adds.

Alex and Gavin both had the goal of getting lean and challenged themselves to get in the best shape they could.

“I wanted to get under 10% body fat and wanted to see my abs for the first time,” Alex says.

Working long hours was a big factor they believed was holding them back from achieving their fitness goals.

“During the daytimes our work schedule is normally really hectic so we didn’t think we had much time to go and do exercise outside of the gym, whether that be getting our steps up or doing HIIT workouts.

“Our job can be very time consuming, we can end up working very long hours and it is very hard to get a solid routine as sometimes the football matches we bet on will start at 05:30am, for example, in Asia and we will also have days where we are up until 05:00 in the morning on betting on South American games.

“As it’s hard to get into a routine, we struggled to find the time to do exercise and it was often easier to get takeaway food than to cook it ourself.

“We also lack motivation to eat well and train when we are tired or when we have lost money.”

But the twins’ UP personal trainer helped create a bespoke training and nutrition plan tailored around their job and lifestyle.

One important part of the programme was to get Alex and Gavin to increase their activity levels and energy expenditure during the day.

The brother explain they found an ingenious way to boost their daily step count while working on the football.

They say: “We tried to create a solid routine, when there weren’t games on in the evening we tried to go to bed early so we could get up in the morning and complete steps and the workout before the day gets busy.

“We also bought two treadmills for our flat so that we could get our steps up even when we were really busy with games as we could still watch and monitor the matches and reach our step targets.

“Getting in a routine also helped when trying to stick to the meal plan that my U.P. trainer had created, this also helped us fit all the meals in in the day.”

Training alongside each other and taking on a six-week transformation together was a great motivator and helped keep them going to achieve their result.

Alex says: “It was fun training alongside each other; it kept us motivated as it was hard work at times getting up early to complete workouts and get our steps up and also sticking to the meal plan without caving into our cravings.”

The results they achieved in such a short space of time were incredible.

Both Alex and Gavin slashed their body fat to the magic 10% mark and were both proudly displaying an impressive set of abs at the end of the six weeks.

Alex says the support and guidance of his UP personal trainer helped him get these outstanding results – something just six weeks before he didn’t think he had the willpower to complete

“The motivation he (my trainer) provided both in and out of the gym made all the difference, and am now in the best condition of my life.

“Working with UP and my trainer in particular has been a life changing experience. I now see the gym as a release from work and my trainer makes each session really enjoyable whilst also pushing me to my limit.”

Gavin adds: It has been one of the hardest things I have ever done, but now I am in the best condition I have been in my life and wouldn’t have been able to do it without the constant encouragement and motivation from my trainer, as well as his guidance across both the training and diet regimes

One of the biggest lessons the brothers have taken from the experience is the importance of optimizing training and nutrition together.

Gavin says: “I’ve learned that in order to get decent results you must train well and have good nutrition.

“The two go hand in hand. If you want to have good results for a transformation it’s important you have a calorie deficit but not too large a deficit so not to feel completely flat and knackered all the time.

“The diet that my trainer gave us was constantly tweaked to ensure we dropped weight but also had enough energy to continue working effectively.”


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