Sarah has rediscovered the best version of herself after just eight weeks of training with U.P.

Just two months ago, Sarah had felt overweight, out of shape and unhappy with who she saw in the mirror.

She had lost her mojo and she wanted it back.

Signing up to Ultimate Performance Mayfair was the life-changing experience she needed to help her get back to feeling happy, positive and motivated to achieve even more.

Sarah, who is a 38-year-old senior sales and marketing executive in London, lost 8kg and almost halved her body fat in the space of weight weeks.

“Training at U.P. has been both a revelation and an education. I feel informed about exercise and nutrition in a way that I wasn’t before — it can be quite difficult to cut through the noise.

“I’ve done the groundwork and U.P. has given me the foundations to continue on this health and fitness journey, the benefits of which I’ve become really passionate about.”

Sarah explains how she achieved such an incredible transformation in eight weeks and the key things she learned.


What were your motivations for starting a transformation journey with U.P.?

I’d gained weight, was out of shape and had lost my mojo.

My clothes didn’t fit and I was fed up of looking and feeling crap. I was aware of U.P. and their amazing transformations, so I decided to bite the bullet and emailed U.P. to ask if they could help.

I had a response five minutes later, a consultation the next day and eight weeks later, here I am!


How were you feeling both physically and mentally before starting with U.P.?

My confidence and energy levels were low. I was far from my best and ready for a fresh start.


What was your diet and lifestyle like before you started your transformation with U.P.?

Poor. I’d gotten into bad habits and was struggling with the consistency required to get on top of my fitness and nutrition and back into shape.


How did your diet and lifestyle change when you started your transformation with U.P.?

Completely. The nutrition plan is very clean and whereas it’s prescriptive, I didn’t find it restrictive due to the variety and flexibility of choosing different food combinations. It also reminded me that ‘real’ food is not only tasty, but fills you up, keeps your energy levels high and creates an overall feeling of wellness because you are fuelling your mind and body with the right stuff. Within days, I looked and felt better.



What effect did this have on your health, performance, lifestyle and energy inside and outside the gym?

It’s a holistic process and has genuinely improved everything. My energy, skin, physique, creativity, sense of calm…and I’ve never slept better in my life.


How quickly did you notice results?

When I started with U.P., I think it was literally three days before I started to see I was a little bit tighter here and there, I was feeling better, I was sleeping better, my skin was clearer, I was a lot more calm and I felt more creative and productive.

It was literally days. That continued throughout the process.


What have been the biggest benefits of doing a transformation?

The feeling of accomplishment and achievement has been really nice, along with the tangible and measurable improvements in my strength and ability. I’m proud of myself.

Getting into jeans that I haven’t worn for three years is an obvious bonus. I would say I feel physically and emotionally younger and full of energy. It’s been a great experience for my physical and mental well-being.


Have you enjoyed the process?

It’s been fantastic. My transformation with U.P. has been one of the most positive experiences I’ve ever had.

I’ve loved absolutely everything about it, except for the pendulum.

It’s a great environment within which to train, it provides structure and a level of discipline and willpower that means you can achieve really great things in a short space of time.


What kept you motivated?

I literally started looking and feeling better within days, and I mean literally days of this transformation process. The U.P. philosophy is very holistic, and as soon as you start eating well, exercising well, everything follows and encourages you and spurs you on.


What were your results like after your transformation?

I’m much smaller, much tighter, I fit into clothes I haven’t been able to wear in years. I couldn’t extol the virtues of weight training more – it’s fantastic.

My weight before was touching 64kg and now it’s 55.4kg which is an incredible amount to lose in such a short amount of time.

To be honest, I still can’t believe it. It’s been such a big change in a short space of time and I’m still digesting it. There is always room for improvement, but I’m really chuffed and look like a different person.



How you feel now compared to eight weeks ago?

There’s a huge difference in how I look and feel. I’m much much stronger now. I can see it in everyday tasks. I can see it in my yoga class. I can’t believe how much I can lift – it’s incredible.

Mentally and emotionally I just feel well! I feel full of energy. I feel very very positive and feeling confident and content.


How have you found weight training?

The weight training at U.P. was a real education for me. I had done it before, but to do it under expert tutelage and to have people there who really know what they’re doing and to teach you the right techniques, literally I was increasing my weights by a significant amount every week.

It has taught me the right technique, the right things to do, and I feel confident now that I would be able to go into a gym and be able to do those programs myself.

It busts any of those myths about making you ‘bulky’. It makes you toned and it burns fat like nothing else.


How has doing this transformation changed you and do you think it will benefit you going forward?

I feel like I’m back to the best version of me, both physically and mentally and I’m super positive about the future. In the words of my trainer Katy, ‘this is the beginning of the journey, not the end’. Amen!


Sarah on holiday, enjoying her new lease of life


Would you recommend U.P. and why?

Most definitely. It’s been one of the most positive experiences I’ve ever had and I’ve loved everything about it (except for the pendulum!). If you are prepared to follow instruction and work hard, whilst training in a fantastic environment, under the tutelage of world class PT’s, you will see amazing results. Trust the process and go for it.


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