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The World’s Leading Personal Trainers Have Arrived In Dubai.

The Ultimate Performance Dubai Personal Training Gym is something that our U.A.E clients have been asking us for since we opened our first gym in London back in 2009.

U.P. Dubai is wholly unique in the U.A.E and offers something that in our opinion has been missing for far too long from the Dubai fitness scene. There are a handful of great commercial gyms dotted across Dubai and the overall local health and fitness industry is flourishing, but the quality of personal training advice, especially the education, accountability and career focus that is necessary to get the best out of personal trainers, has not matched the level of quality of the gym themselves. This is understandable when you appreciate the fractured nature of the Personal Training industry and how challenging it is to recruit and train up those rare Personal Trainers who can consistently generate outstanding client results.

U.P. is the only international Personal Training business on the planet – there is a reason why we are known as the world’s leading Personal Trainers and it has everything to do with our relentless quest to always improve at our company watchword of “maximum results in minimum time”. In a city like Dubai where the vast majority of the personal trainers are hired guns coming in for tax-free money, U.P. personal trainers are very different.

The core group of our Dubai Personal Trainers are internal transfers who are building long-term careers within U.P. and will have career progression at the forefront of their mind, as opposed to the standard Dubai Personal Trainer mentality of trading time on the gym floor for money in the pocket. That approach is the polar opposite of the U.P. experience where client results are the key driver for our Personal Trainers to rise through the ranks. Our personal trainers don’t sell or prowl the gym floor looking for marks/clients, they don’t have to spend their time self-promoting endlessly on social media – “all” that they have to do is focus on delivering top quality results and keeping up with U.P.’s education and accountability teams.

Our 5,000 square feet, state of the art Personal Training gym in The Emirates Financial Tower in the DIFC is arguably one of the best of all our worldwide Personal Training gyms. We’ve pulled out all the stops.

Dubai has long been missing a high-quality gym that caters to the serious trainee, to the person who wants to get something extra from their gym sessions and who doesn’t assume a “little extra” means a row of plasma screens in which to watch MTV whilst they spin their wheels not losing body fat on the exercise bikes and treadmills.

We have created a gym environment and venue where any Olympic athlete could train, but we have designed it for so-called regular people who want to maximise their exercise time and achieve results with just 3 hours a week of highly targeted personal training for 12 weeks that many fail to achieve with years spent fruitlessly spinning their wheels in commercial gyms or with lesser personal trainers.

Why do we think our personal training gym is so special?  Let’s look at the list of reasons:

We are a by appointment only private gym so you never have to queue for a machine or work station and your privacy is guaranteed.  Your workouts will never be compromised by hanging around waiting for others – everything that we do for you with our coaching, both inside and outside the gym, is geared towards maximising the efficiency of your efforts. It should be no surprise that when you take a look at our results we regularly have clients achieve more in 12 weeks than they did in 2 years working with Personal Trainers who are a “less focused” than U.P..

We are not a personal training studio.  Admittedly some of the better personal trainers in Dubai may have personal training studios but minimal equipment and restricted weights and space means that workouts can never be properly progressed and injuries are an absolute nightmare to work around. Studios are usually also devoid of the high energy atmosphere that typifies all U.P. personal training gyms from Sydney to Los Angeles.

We are not a hardcore gym, but we mean business.  Everyone is welcome in our gym, we do not care about your ability.  We only care about your attitude and welcome everyone regardless of fitness levels or body fat percentage. Where you start from is totally unimportant, all we care about is helping you to get to where you want to be. If you’re not serious about wanting to improve yourself you would probably feel more at home in a spa or luxurious commercial gym where fluffy towels are given a greater emphasis than superlative client results.

We are a family.  As sentimental as this may sound it is also very true.  Our founder Nick Mitchell has created a nurturing environment where everyone pulls for the other. Given that we impose a limit on the number of personal trainers on the gym floor at any one time you quickly get to know all the faces and names and be inspired by the hard work and results of other clients just like you.

We are the best equipped personal training gym in Dubai. No other private gym can offer the range and quality of equipment that our clients have at their disposal. You can take your pick as to your goal and our equipment can be adapted to help you reach your goals: be they fat loss, building bigger muscles, or just getting super fit.

Can we back up these extravagant claims?  Have a quick look at our Real Results and Testimonials pages to make up your own mind.

Maximum Results, Minimum Time

Promises are easy to make, but for those of you who are prepared to work hard and follow our advice to the letter then life changing fat loss results can be yours. Here are just a sample of our hundreds of fat loss results, take your time and read their stories, they were all once where you are now.

Read about our clients Real Results.


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Startling Results

We leave nothing to chance and cover every single variable vital to achieving rapid muscular growth.

It’s not easy, in fact if you want to make great gains it can be extremely hard work, but if you work it properly it always delivers.

Our Methods Work And The Results We Get For Our Clients Are Dramatic.

Glenn didn’t achieve this in 6 weeks but he took his commitment beyond that time to change forever using skills gained from Ultimate Performance personal trainers.

What would a life-changing result like this mean to you?

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Emirates Financial Towers
5. Al Sukook Street
United Arab Emirates

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