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A world-class personal training experience built around you

Ultimate Performance has radically redefined personal training. We have ceaselessly refined our model with thousands of clients across our 20 private gyms worldwide to create the most effective personal training system on the planet.

With a blueprint built on science and driven by data, our proven methods are tailored to you as an individual. Our personalised ‘partnership’ approach gives you the structure and accountability needed to achieve life-changing results in a remarkably short timeframe.

Start your journey to incredible transformation results today...

Book your free consultation with our team and we can tailor a results-focused program around your goals.

How our model works

Our ‘maximum results, minimum time’ model is fundamentally different to any other personal training business you have experienced before.

Unlike other trainers, with Ultimate Performance you invest in a set time period and we build a bespoke personal training plan around you.  As your trusted advisor, we give you the tools, accountability and guidance you need to achieve the absolute maximum results possible with as little as 3 hours per week in the gym.

What results can you expect?

You might feel like you have tried everything to get results, but our scientific approach works. Our track record proves that if you are willing to commit to the process and work hard, you will achieve exceptional results – no matter what your age, ability or starting point.  

While ‘results’ may mean something unique to everyone, our proven methods and data-led approach give you the measurable outcomes that matter most to you.  

We deliver demonstrable improvements across the board in your weight, body fat, physical fitness and performance. You will not only feel the difference in qualitative measures such as mood, stress, confidence and energy, but see tangible changes in multiple health metrics from blood pressure to cholesterol. 


The best investment you can make

Ultimate Performance is the best place to invest in your lifelong health and achieve incredible body transformation results. Here are just some of the reasons to partner with us.


Train in our world-class, private personal training gyms across the globe.


Work under the guidance of our elite-level personal trainers with a program designed around you.


Train with world-class strength training equipment. Every single machine is carefully curated to maximise your results.


Experience the results-driven culture in our private gyms which has made us the world leader in our field.


Benefit from our structure of accountability which is the ‘secret’ to staying on track and achieving the results you want.


See quantifiable progress and real-time results tracking changes in body fat and other key health markers with our unique U.P. Transform technology.


Achieve the absolute maximum results possible working with our world-class team, in our industry-leading facilities.


Learn the tools, techniques and skills from world-leading experts to maintain your results for life.

The ultimate program for you

Our world-leading personal training model is designed to deliver maximum results in minimum time, no matter what your starting point.

Our proven formula is tailored to you as an individual. Whether your goal is to reshape your body or radically transform your health, we know that truly life-changing results require a personalised approach built on partnership, accountability and hard work.

You have a whole team of experts behind you managing every aspect of your transformation to ensure you achieve the exceptional results you want.

A full consultation and lifestyle audit

We dig into your unique goals, needs and challenges in your in-depth consultation to help design your personalised transformation program.

This process examines over 50 data points, including your sleep, stress, health status, exercise history, dietary preferences and more. This gives us a detailed picture of your lifestyle so we can create the perfect plan to achieve the results you want.

A results-focused personal training program

We create a bespoke personal training program around you and your goals that is designed to deliver results.

We assess everything – from your training history and current fitness levels to your movement patterns and unique biomechanics. We then create the ideal training program and exercise selection to accomplish your goals.

A bespoke diet plan designed for you

We construct a comprehensive diet plan designed specifically for you that is enjoyable and sustainable, but works for your body to deliver the results you want.

Your bespoke diet plan is macronutrient-calculated, built on proven nutrition principles and tailored to you as an individual to fit seamlessly with your schedule, tastes and lifestyle.

A dedicated personal trainer to manage your transformation

We pair you with your own dedicated personal trainer who will manage every aspect of your transformation journey.

Your trainer is the coach you need to train with precision and purpose in the gym to maximise your effort, but also the trusted advisor you want to guide you through the process, keep you focused to achieve results, and give you the tools to stay in shape for life.

Access our world-class private gyms globally

We work with you one to one in any of our world-class private personal training facilities across the globe.

With state-of-the-art equipment, industry-leading technology and a team of elite-level trainers you can feel free and unfettered to train hard and achieve the results you want.

Body composition analysis to quantify your results

We take a scientific approach to measuring your body fat levels and demonstrating quantifiable results.

Analysing where you store your fat can tell us a lot about your metabolic and hormonal health. We can identify potential issues with hormones, health or lifestyle factors, and use the data to personalise training and nutrition and supplement protocols to reduce fat, improve health markers and enhance your results.

Track every metric, every step of the journey

Our game-changing app technology has been created with our unparalleled expertise as the largest results-producing personal training business in the world.

Built on our proprietary methodologies, it brings the whole body transformation experience into the palm of your hand. You can track every marker of progress imaginable – bodyweight and body fat, hormone markers, blood pressure, workout performance, meal plans, progress photos and metrics monitoring stress, hunger, sleep and energy.

It is a powerful tool to keep you motivated and accountable, but also allows your trainer to make real-time, data-led decisions to refine your program, accelerate your progress and enhance your results.

Start your journey to incredible transformation results today...

Book your free consultation with our team and we can tailor a results-focused program around your goals.

A culture that breeds success

What sets Ultimate Performance apart is the results-driven culture and ethos we have painstakingly built over the years.

This culture is the reason tens of thousands of clients have entrusted us with their health and fitness across the globe.

Our model

Our model is often imitated, but our culture of excellence can never be replicated. This is why we are world leaders in our field when it comes to delivering exceptional body transformation results.

We are reassuringly expensive because we are the best in the world at what we do. We have constructed a whole ecosystem of world-class trainers, facilities, knowledge and systems all designed to give you quantifiable results, no matter what your starting point, age or experience.

Our culture

We have fostered a results-driven culture at Ultimate Performance which is built on layers of accountability running through the business at every level, from the junior trainer up to the global CEO.

Tracking objective data and myriad progress metrics cements this accountability and removes any guesswork when it comes to helping clients achieve measurable outcomes.

It is our robust systems, data-driven approach and reservoir of global expertise that means we can constantly refine our methodologies and improve the results and experience we deliver for every single client.

Our team

We have created an environment that breeds success and gives our trainers the tools, the support, the systems and accountability to excel.

Our trainers are able to focus solely on mastering their craft and mentoring their clients – and they are incentivised on the only metric that matters – delivering world-class results and measurable return on investment for clients.

Explore more of Ultimate Performance


Our EatUP meal preparation service gives you delicious, macronutrient-calculated meals designed to support your transformation goals.


Our premium supplements are backed by science, proven with clients, and designed to enhance your health, performance and results.

Online training

Our online training options give you the results-driven Ultimate Performance experience whatever your budget or location globally.


Our online training options give you the results-driven Ultimate Performance experience whatever your budget or location globally.

DISCLAIMER | Results may vary | Results are based on individual circumstances | Timeframes for results are not guaranteed | Willpower is always required!

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