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TeamUP Group Training


TeamUP with our Semi-Private Personal Training

Your chance to experience UP Personal Training at a fraction of the price you’d pay for one-to-one sessions.

TeamUP, our semi-private personal training experience means that you get to experience much of the UP experience at a value that cannot be beaten anywhere!




Everyone knows what we can do at UP.

It’s at the stage now where the only thing other Personal Trainers can do to knock us is claim our results are too quick.

We have waiting lists in all our gyms. Why? Because our clients get results, we only hire and train the best, and we take a very rigorous approach to our work.

All of that means we know we’re not exactly a budget option for personal training. The cost of that training is further compounded by the sheer size and scale of our phenomenal facilities. We have prime real estate in every city we’re located in, and our gyms are stuffed to the gills with the very best quality machines and weights.

We’d love to be more accessible. We want our regular personal training clients to step up their training and get in more sessions, without breaking the bank.

We want to teach as many people as possible what properly coached, carefully constructed, physically demanding workouts are all about.

We want UP to be elite, but in mindset and ability, not in spending power. So we formulated TeamUP, our budget smashing, fat incinerating semi-private training package.

Check out some of our results. These people were all once where you are now.

* Results may vary | Results are based on individual circumstances | Time frames for results are not guaranteed | Willpower is always required!


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What Is Semi-Private Personal Training?

Our Manchester semi-private training sessions are tightly-run training sessions of anything from 2-6 people where we take you around our state of art gyms in a closely coached exercise program that’s all about results and hard work.

If you want an easy ride then we respectfully suggest that you join a Zumba class because we are not for you.

Conversely, if you want to be smashed with minimal attention to form and workout structure then join your local Crossfit box.

We are the opposite of those unscrupulous businesses who throw a series of exercises together and call it a “workout”…


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Here’s what we do for you on the 6-Week TeamUP Program


Following a sensible and sustainable diet is the key to your progress.

At the start of your program we give you a meal plan guide that is aimed at your own individual status.

For example, it might be female fat loss, it could be vegetarian muscle building, or it might be rapid fat loss for men.

We have all the options ready for you in painstaking detail, and then at the end of every session we carve out a 15 minute period when we answer any questions that you might have on your diet and overall lifestyle.

It’s like a mini seminar at the end of every workout!


Depending upon the package you opt for you will train 2-4 times a week.

Don’t worry if you aren’t super fit because whilst the training is in a group format we can ensure you go at a pace that is appropriate to you.


You’re not flying solo when you join TeamUP.

We will be with you every step of the way be it for advice after each session, to take your body fat and keep you and your teammates on the straight and narrow, or even to take before and after photos to show you how you are progressing.


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  • Interesting and full of like-minded people who can help give you support and make the class fun. That’s easy, a quick visit to any UP gym will show you that there’s no atmosphere quite like it. Intense, yet inclusive and welcoming. Feeling like part of a team makes the process much more fun – which is why we called them TeamUP!
  • Helping you achieve results. We’re famous for helping people get results. We want our semi-private training participants to get closer to the body or level of fitness they’ve always wanted, but never quite been able to achieve.
  • Small enough to not be like any spin / body attack class where individual coaching is impossible. So we found our sweet spot and limited the number to no more than 6 per class.
  • Short enough to fit into lunch breaks or an hour out of work. We found the 30-40 minute mark to work perfectly. Why? Because we don’t mess around and we go hard.
  • Tough enough to force your body to adapt (a posh way of saying “change”, which after all is what you want), but accessible if you haven’t previously trained with UP.
  • Flexible. At the price you’re paying you don’t get the same flexibility as one-to-one personal training. But the way we have instructed the classes allows you to bring some friends and suggest to the trainer what you might want, or even within certain confines, move the start times around a little bit. Not a lot, but a bit. If you help us, we will always help you and bend over backwards to give you an unforgettable UP experience. We’re very proud of the workout programme that we have designed. The best feedback has come from our clients, who simply love the atmosphere and the workout they get at TeamUP. Every client tells us they love the sense of working hard, training together, and achieving more than they ever thought possible.
  • So whether you’re a current personal training client, or have never been to Ultimate Performance before, come and join TeamUP today.

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