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Ultimate Performance Personal Trainers Hong Kong

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The World’s Leading Personal Trainers Have Arrived In Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s Best Personal Trainers

Ultimate Performance grows in leaps and bounds, and we are so proud to present to you our newly opened Ultimate Performance Gym in Hong Kong!

U.P. Hong Kong has everything you expect from an U.P. facility. State of the art muscle building and fat loss machines, Watson fat grip dumbbells, Atlantis machines all the way from the Canadian borders and let us not forget the occasional doom-bringer in the form of a lengthy Sprint Track! Traditional Hong Kong gyms are typically cramped, overcrowded, built in tight spaces and devoid of effective equipment; U.P. Hong Kong is quite the opposite. We house the latest equipment, are in a fantastic space and because of this we have created an atmosphere that will have you dying to come back!

Our U.P. Hong Kong gym is for Personal Training and as such is only for our private clients. This means there will be no queues and waiting around even at peak times, and as such you’ll be placed in an environment where everything is optimised for your own needs in order to achieve maximum results in very little time.

But it isn’t the equipment, or the locale, that makes our Hong Kong gym so unique: it is the culture that we instil across the entirety of the business. There are no “rent-a-friend” trainers, there’s no smoke being blown up anyone’s derriere (unless it helps them to pull out a better performance!); we are exclusively for those that want something a little bit special.


As with all our Ultimate Performance gyms, we house only the most effective fat loss and muscle building equipment and machines that have guaranteed solid results time and time again.

U.P. Hong Kong has everything you expect from an U.P. facility. State of the art muscle building and fat loss machines, Watson fat grip dumbbells, Atlantis machines all the way from the Canadian borders and let us not forget the universally loved/hated sled track!

Maximum Results, Minimum Time

Promises are easy to make, but for those of you who are prepared to work hard and follow our advice to the letter then life changing fat loss results can be yours. Here are just a sample of our hundreds of fat loss results, take your time and read their stories, they were all once where you are now.

Read about our clients Real Results.


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Startling Results

We leave nothing to chance and cover every single variable vital to achieving rapid muscular growth.

It’s not easy, in fact if you want to make great gains it can be extremely hard work, but if you work it properly it always delivers.

Our Methods Work And The Results We Get For Our Clients Are Dramatic.

Glenn didn’t achieve this in 6 weeks but he took his commitment beyond that time to change forever using skills gained from Ultimate Performance personal trainers.

What would a life-changing result like this mean to you?

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How To Find Us

3rd Floor, Unicorn Trade Centre,
127 Des Voeux Road,
Hong Kong

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