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Ultimate Performance Personal Trainers Marbella

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The World’s Leading Personal Trainers Have Arrived In Marbella.

Ultimate Performance Marbella is not just different because it is a UP gym, it is also different from any other gym that we own.  All the usual features, equipment, and most importantly environment and culture are the same as any UP facility the world over, but the difference with our Marbella gym is one of grander scale and greater accessibility.

UP Marbella is a 20,000 square feet (2000sq metres) exercise Paradise that is not just for personal training but is also open for use as a regular gym member (ie unlike our gyms in London and the Far East you do not have to work with a Personal Trainer) that was almost completed at the time of writing this in April 2014.  We write “almost” because Spain suffers from a few local delays that just seem inevitable…if we break corporate speak and tell you that everything is functioning bar the telephone lines you might not be too surprised.

The scope and scale of the UP Marbella offering is going to create a gym the likes of which Europe has never seen before.  We have gone all out to build a masterpiece.  The 5,000 square foot first floor interior gym is dedicated to resistance training in the manner that you’d expect of anything UP related, and as a standalone gym it will be unique in Southern Europe.  If you add the 5,000 square feet of astro turf right next to the gym then we are talking about something that starts to go beyond being “a little bit special”.  We will be pushing cars, heaving logs, and doing every type of outdoor strongman / conditioning drill you can imagine, all whilst those of you who love to pump up workout in the 1,500 square foot outdoor “weight pit’.  Venice Beach comes to Marbella but without the crowds of gawkers!

All of this is capped off by a 5,000 square foot roof terrace with a 360 degree panoramic view of Marbella’s famous La Concha mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.  This will be a place to unwind after a workout, stretch out, or listen to lectures in our new UP classroom.  There will also be a barbecue for special events, of which we plan to have many!  The relaxed upper deck is culturally going to be a million miles away from the hard training below it.  The rules of UP Marbella are going to be pretty simple – respect, enjoyment, and education.  Members will be taught how to train for their goals, safe exercise, the right amount of effort to match the right goal, how to use all our equipment properly, and how to share equipment sensibly.  And if you want to make a mobile phone on the gym floor then think twice, because to do so will see you get a one week ban from the gym!

Despite all these features and the scope and scale of our vision, what’s going to catapult the gym into greatness is the people who work there, the clients it will attract, and the environment that we cultivate. Let us know if you want to be part of that history.

UP Marbella Interior

UP Marbella

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